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Good idea, but this app is really buggy. Some of the synonyms are just plain wrong, they should really be fixed

Do not use!

Much of the information is incorrect. This is app will frustrate and misinform you

DO NOT download this app

I never write reviews but this app is absolutely horrible. The synonyms are often antonyms. You'll do more trying to research the right definitions and synonyms. This is NOT a good GRE app. It has a great concept if it was actually accurate.


So great!!


Words are wrong and examples are unrelated

Worse than no study

Terrible misguiding synonyms, may lower your score if you rely on it.


Some of the test questions don't even have a correct response, so no matter which you pick you will be wrong. Also, the synonyms are usually wrong, and the definitions are sometimes vague and incomplete.

Bad synonyms, options, examples

I actually took the GRE and got a perfect score on the language section. I know most of these words, and about 35% of them have erroneous synonyms, examples, or test options. The definitions seem adequate, though.

Good format, bad execution.

I really like the format of this app - it offers many different ways of learning and testing over the words. HOWEVER, some of the definitions are just plain wrong, and the VAST MAJORITY of the synonyms used are (a) actually antonyms of the vocab word, (b) totally irrelevant to the meaning of the vocab word, or (c) merely the root of the vocab word with a different ending. Also, it doesn't make much sense to use memorized synonyms to test for understanding of the meaning of complex words like these.

Solid foundation

Some of the definitions are lite but really good interface and ease of use. Best free app for the GRE vocab.


Definitions per se aren't so bad, but the synonyms presented are pretty far off the mark. If their algorithm took the GRE it would score horrendously low.

Avoid This

Many of the definitions are out and out wrong. Also, some of the "examples" given (for how the word is used) appear to be out of context cut and paste insertions from the Internet which do not shed any light whatsoever on the word's meaning. Moreover, the "tests" provide choices that do not even make sense. This app will only give you a headache.

Could be better

Not only are some of the definitions completely arbitrary, to my mind, but some of the words aren't even spelled correctly!


I feel like I am learning some new words, but the definitions and pronunciations aren't always accurate. Also, lots of the examples of usage hold no context clues to further understand the meaning. This app could benefit from more accurate flashcards, as well as an option to view learned words without testing.

Not what I expected

The definitions are terrible! You can't use the same word with a different ending to define the word!!!!!! Not helpful

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